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Before you know it, you’re planning your baby’s first birthday! Time flies, right?

What better way to celebrate than with a cake smash session? This multi-functional photoshoot makes for a fun activity for your baby with handy images for your little one’s birthday party invitations!
Cake smash photoshoots, which I tailor and style for you, are my most popular session. This age group is wonderful to work with and my extensive experience means I can offer lots of tricks to capture those super cute Insta-worthy shots!

Before the cake come out, we’ll always start with a classic portrait of your child, giving them a chance to adjust to the studio and the camera. Whether you have a little smasher or a baby who’s more reserved, we’ll go at their pace. Siblings and parents are welcome to participate in the photos too! Just prepare to get messy!

Finally, we’ll finish with a warm bubble bath for the biggest smiles! The splashy fun is always a winner.


What is a cake smash session ?

Booking and Details:

  • To ensure availability, I recommend booking your session at least 4 weeks before your little one’s birthday.
  • If your child has allergies, please inform me during booking, and I’ll make arrangements with my baker.
  • Sessions typically last 45 minutes, and any leftover cake is yours to take home!
  • You can expect to view your gallery within one to two weeks after the session, with an online gallery of 20 images to choose from.


  • Packages start from €250.
  • You can bring your own cake if you or any of your family are good at cake decorating or add one for €40, which you can take home to enjoy.
Boy Cake Smash 1st Birthday Photoshoot Dublin

Here’s a breakdown of my Cake Smash photoshoot packages:

Carrot Cake
Classic Portrait Cake smash Vintage bathtub Shots with siblings and family 15 digital images retouched by instant download.
Sugar Bunny

Classic portrait
Cake smash
Vintage bathtub shots
8 digital images retouched by instant download.

Victoria Sponge

Classic portrait
Cake smash 
Vintage bathtub shots 
3 digital images retouched by instant download.

When to Plan and book

“Great for cake smashes as a birthday treat, and also family photography sessions”.

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Stages of Baby Photography


Stages of Baby Photography

Capture the magic of every stage with bespoke baby photography in Dublin.

Welcome to the world of Ceire Rhein Photography, where I specialise in capturing the delicate beauty and heartwarming moments of your newborn baby. My thoughtfully designed sessions prioritize a serene and comfortable environment for new parents and their precious little ones, ensuring a truly memorable experience.

Newborn Bliss (0-14 Days):

The early days are fleeting, yet etched in our hearts forever. During this delicate time, I create a calming atmosphere for your newborn, allowing for seamless feeding, comforting cuddles, and capturing those picture-perfect moments of quiet slumber and pure serenity.

Milestone Memories (3, 6, 9 Months):

Celebrate your baby's incredible growth with our milestone photography sessions! Each stage brings new wonders, from that gummy grin to those first wobbly steps. As your Dublin baby photographer, I'm here to document these precious developments with tenderness and artistry.

Smash, Splash, & First Birthday Fun (12 Months):

Commemorate your baby's first year with a fun-filled cake smash-and-splash session! This playful experience is guaranteed to capture infectious giggles and adorable messy moments, followed by a refreshing splash to clean up the fun.

Growing Personalities (16 Weeks - 18 Months):

This dynamic stage bursts with captivating expressions and exciting milestones. I'll capture your baby's unique personality with creativity and care, ensuring these fleeting moments become cherished memories.

Toddler Tales (10 Months - 18 Months):

Toddlers are a whirlwind of energy and endless amusement! Let me capture their candid moments and vibrant personalities in beautiful photographs you'll treasure forever.

Family Forever (All Ages):

Beyond baby photography, I specialise in capturing the essence of families at every stage. Our sessions celebrate the unique bond and personalities within your family, creating timeless keepsakes.

Ceire Rhein Photography: Where Memories Begin

I'm dedicated to providing exceptional photography experiences, using artistic finesse and emotional depth to tell the story of your growing family. Whether you're searching for a Dublin newborn photographer or a specialist in family portraits, I'm here to capture your most cherished moments with expertise and warmth.

Contact me today to discuss your dream session!